“ You Have Got To Be Kidding Me”

I feel like I am living a complete nightmare. Seriously, wake me up when this life is over. I want a healthy life at this point. All of this has got to stop one way or another. I would do whatever it takes to stop all of this. 

I had another Mini Stroke.0-1

I was admitted to the hospital today. Once again transferred by ambulance to the main hospital.  I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to scream but I can’t. I feel trapped in a tunnel and theirs no way out. Most of these days lately, I can’t even breathe. After going through all the stroke testing yet again, same protocol, I was admitted. The CT SCAN was normal, and all labs were NORMAL! The only issue was my platelets were high and my potassium was a bit low. I have been on aspirin 81mg everyday. Why did this happen again?

I saw my Cardiologist and the implantable device surgeon, whom I just saw at the doctors office, to go over the procedures. I had the TEE procedure and loop recorder placed in my chest. I am still recovering but I am home and my face is back to NORMAL, thank god! Talk about being exhausted and frightened all at the same time. I have no words for this. The hole in my heart has to be closed asap. My cardiologist will monitor my heart now that the loop recover is placed in my chest. I have to have the loop recorder in for 65 days. But, this can last in your chest for up to three years. I also might have to go on blood thinners. I will see my surgeon on March 20th to follow up with him since the surgery. 

Xoxo Danielle