NatPara Recall

Yesterday September 6, 2019,  I received a call from my Natpara rep. She told me Natpara was indeed recalled. I was just notified via social media last night about the link. Crazy how this is true. Apparently the drug she said is fine. The issue is the PEN, which helps administer the medication, so sadly they have to pull Natpara off the market and no one will be getting the injections at all. Meanwhile, this is so scary. So many of us are affected even, diabetics apparently. It’s crazy and scary all at the same time especially when people can’t absorb medication like myself. So many of us are pretty much screwed until Natpara designs a new pen and gets it FDA approved. Then my Oncologist notified me as well and told me she was informed and I will be going back on liquid calcium for the time being until this is all taken care of.

There are so many of us on this drugs so please give Natpara some time to call every patient. They are in the process of calling everyone. This just happened late last night.

This is going to take quit a bit of time so I can’t imagine how everyone else is feeling too. If need be I might have to run to the ER for a calcium injection. It’s awful and it cant even be done at home, it has to be done through the ER. Especially when your calcium drops very low. Right now my level is 7.1, which is low for me. My range should be around 8.5-9.0 my Oncologist, nurse and primary said. I am working on it. But now with this recall I am back to square one. I hope to god this liquid calcium works.

You can see the RECALL link here: NatPara Recall

If you DO NOT get a call you or your Doctor can call them at: 1-781-266-3372 to speak with your rep.

I was told to throw out all my Natpara supplies by my Natpara rep and Doctor. I will be put back on liquid Calictriol for the time being.