The Call

Hurricane Dorian passed us here in Florida Thank god. However, we did get wind and a ton of rain. Keep in mind I am four hours away from my cancer center. They got hit over there a little bit with something so it pushed everything back a bit. That’s excepted and it’s okay, I get it. But damn,  the waiting game is hard. Who knew I would turn into a crazy girl. Never in the last seven years that I have been diagnosed with Metastatic ThyCa have I freaked out like this before. I have no idea how terrifying it is to find out that I might have a secondary cancer. I finally got the call after my fabulous Doctor spoke with other doctors. I told her to take all the time she needed. I am happy it was sooner rather than later.

My next steps: My Doctor spoke with the Radiation Doctor and they both suggested a biopsy of my soft tissue lesions to determine what type of cancer it is. It could be Hodgkins Lymphoma, Sarcoma, or Lymphoma. In addition, the other Doctor wants me to see an Orthopedic Surgeon to consider surgical resection plus radiation ablation. I don’t even know what any of this means. It’s all mumbo jumbo to me and I refuse to even look it up. The thought of the entire new vocabulary is mind boggling to me. Basically I have to meet with 2-3 new Doctors and go from there. Everything will be set up within the next week or two. My wonderful Mom will be taking me because Nick unfortunately cannot take time off work because we cannot afford it. So this sucks big time. I am trying to breathe and make it through my day without having panic attacks but it is so hard.

Right now my main focus is Dory, my baby girl, as it will be her 1st birthday on September 16th. Nick and I are looking forward to celebrating her birthday with a birthday cake and some goodies. You betcha I will be singing to my girl!

That’s all for now.  I will update as soon as I can.

Thank you for the continued love and support.