Unnecessary trip to the Emergency room

Yesterday, my home care nurse came over to change the Tegaderm patch I am allergic to to a different patch that is for sensitive skin. The port was accessed two days before. The itchiness from the patch was so horrific that I lost two days of sleep. I called my infusion center where I get all the supplies from and they shipped me a hypoallergenic patch. By accident, my nurse ended up cutting the port line with a scissor trying to get off the paper tape that was caught on the line. But, I kept telling her the paper tape can come right off and to not use a scissor, but she insisted that she knew what she was doing.

An hour after she leaves, I went to infuse myself with my medication. I tried to infuse saline but, instead, blood splattered all over my face, as well as blood clots, and blood kept pouring out of the line. It was scary. I went into complete panic mode because I kept thinking STAPH infection. I have been taking extra precaution to prevent a staph since I just had the surgery three weeks ago.

Nick was working late (of all days), so I had to call my aid to come over to help me. I ended up calling 911 because I became lightheaded. EMTs finally arrived 40 minutes later because they were behind.

Luckily, I had my aid throw all my medical supplies in a shopping bag just in case I needed something at the hospital. Sure enough my local hospital does not carry the special needles that are used for my power port. Thank god I brought the supplies because the Nurse said I would of had to been transferred to my cancer center in Orlando.  I was pretty much in and out of the hospital within two hours because I had everything with me.

Now I have to make sure for emergencies like this that I have a to go bag ready at all times because I was not prepared. Well, you’re never prepared. Lesson learned.

I’m okay. I was a little shaken up because I was more concerned of getting a staph infection. In a week my PCP has to check me as the hospital recommended.

Thanks for all your love and messages.

It’s always something but I am going to Just Keep Swimming….

xoxo Danielle