Surgery for Port placement

On April 26, 2019 I had my port placed on the left side of my chest this time around. During the procedure the IV ruptured causing the fluids, saline, anesthesia, nausea and pain medication to infiltrate into the tissues of my arm causing it to swell larger than a size of a grapefruit. At the point, the Doctors saw me moving my fingers and toes. I saw a blue drape cover over me. I tried to scream ” help me” multiple times, but I wasn’t able to speak to them. I was confused at the time but so out of it. I honestly thought I was dead or having a really bad nightmare. Finally, the Doctor and Nurses realized I wasn’t fully under.

I am really traumatized from this surgery. My left arm is still recovering. The Doctor told my mother that I probably would remember being woken up during surgery and I will not be happy about it. Sure enough, I said something to both the Doctor and my mother without them saying a word.

This happens more than you think. But, it is frustrating and scary. This never happened to me before. God forbid I have another recurrence I am afraid something like this can happen again. Anything is possible. For now on I refuse to have any surgery unless it is a major emergency. For example, if the tumor on my collar bone grew and I need surgery than chemo. I will NOT do the surgery. I rather have the chemo try and shrink the tumor first. It is crazy how a few weeks go by and here I am still having this nightmare over and over again. Most nights, I wake up covered in sweat gasping for air. I felt like I was on Grey’s Anatomy.

Attached are pictures below from surgery.

xoxo Danielle