Danielle is Home

Hey there! Nick here. Danielle just got in from the hospital not too long ago. She still remains weak and exhausted as expected. She will be getting a hospital bed for the first floor since her legs are “too heavy” at the moment because her body is so out of whack. Her levels are still the same, however she was given Thyroid meds through IV. They also gave her inflammation meds, which have helped her speak normally again. There will be an aid to help Danielle daily while I’m working so I don’t have to worry about her. Danielle will be going to her PCP tomorrow to arrange everything else. In the meantime, Danielle will have to have a port again due to this on going issue. She was finally able to go to the bathroom on her own. She is in a lot of pain all over her body. But she will be asking for pain medication tomorrow since the hospital doctor was afraid to prescribe her anything.10.jpg

Danielle is pretty much eating light and sleeping. Rest is very important. She still can’t keep her eyes open as expected. It’s going to take her some time to back on her feet.

I will try and update all of you within a day or so. There is so much to do and it’s a process. Thank you for all your love.

Danielle is happy to be home with our baby Dory.