Just Keep Swimming

I’m just taking this hour by hour. Lots of pain, but I’m going to pull through this lousy shit. Anyways, I finally have my voice back. My heart is ok. It hurts to breathe and talk., as expected, because I was almost slipping into a Myxedema coma and Moffitt didn’t give two shits. I am grateful that Mayo Clinic and my PCP had my back even when the oncologist was at a conference out of state. Thanks goes to Orlando Health Hospital for listening to me when my voice wasn’t heard last month at a different hospital. I will be filing a complaint and will no longer go there. I will make sure my voice is heard because what they did, twice my I add, is unacceptable. They put me in a bad position. So, I can’t really walk. I have an aid during the day. I’m waiting on my IV meds (hopefully in two days because I need this everyday to survive.) My entire body is in pain, the anxiety is worse, as expected. The inflammation meds in the hospital helped me speak again. This time around was quite scary, man. My levels are still at 124, which is so bad. I’ll have them re-checked in a few weeks. My girl was happy to see I am home. My entire body and legs are swollen as expected. But, it is awful. On top of all this, I came home with a bad cold. My immune system is shot. Rest is the important key. I can’t keep my eyes open anyway. I’m happy Nick was able to update all of you while I was in another world.

Thanks for all the love.

xoxo Danielle