World Thyroid Day 2018!

‪Today is #WorldThyroidDay.  It is very important to lea more about #Thyroid #disease which affects 20 million Americans. Please check out American Thyroid Association  & Thyroid Cancer association  for more information on thyroid disease. So many of us are unaware of their thyroid condition. Don’t forget to get a #neck check by a #thyroid specialist.‬
I promise to be back later for a really long over due update. I have so much to tell you but right now I have to focus on faxing more information to my new oncologist.
Thank you for being patience with me. Apologizes for not returning so many messages, text and calls. I will get to you. I promise.
Thank you for all the love and support during all of this.
A few of you asked how to donate. Here is my go fund me page.