At the hospital

My rant for the day at the hospital. I’m not a crier. My nurse said “wow you have been through so much.” If I was in your shoes, I would be a crying, having a nervous breakdown. Well, that did it my friends. All of sudden, I busted out crying for the very first time. The nurse ended up taking a picture of me crying.


Update 12am: I’m home Nick picked me up after work. Hospital gave me a steroid and pain meds. The swelling went down after the medication kicked in. What a strange feeling to feel my neck. My oxygen was low so I’m glad I went. The hospital had to give me oxygen. CT scan shows chronic Lymphedema.  Theirs nothing they can really do but the fact that it got to this point is concerning to them.





I’m exhausted. I haven’t slept in well in over0-14.jpg a month now. I’m uncomfortable.  Right now, the swelling is controlled for 24 hours. I’m gonna go crash while I am sort of comfortable. 

Thanks for all the ❤️ and messages

xoxo Danielle