Check up with surgeon

I didn’t get to see my surgeon but I did see my surgeons Nurse/Pa.

They took out two nodules that were cancerous and 27 lymph nodes that were cancerous. I have no more restrictions. But, I can’t do something if I don’t feel like I can’t do it. She wants me to rotate my neck 4-6 x a day so that my neck doesn’t become stiff. I also have to massage my scar area once a day and going over it 20-30x to break up scar tissue. Massage will also help with scar healing properly.

I still can’t lift my arm but I’m able to finally dress myself. The pain is still there not as bad becoming a new normal pain on top of daily pain I have. I’m moving my neck finally. It hurts like hell. I also cannot lay down flat. I tried to ly down and I just scream. Sleeping upright is not my thing plus back pain doesn’t help. I am finally getting some sleep.

My surgeons Pa took off the glue. That was awful. I still can’t get the left over glue off even with the ointment wipes she gave me.

I go back in 3 weeks. My tumor marker is still high. My tg takes awhile to go down. I’m still on the same dose of thyroid medication for the time being. I start physical therapy in a month chronic Lymphedema in my neck. I have to wait a month for my incision to heal.

On Saturday, Feb 24th I found out  I am positive for the BRAF V 600 E mutation. My surgeon and radiation oncologist biopsied the nodules and lymph nodes. That means I’m never going to be cancer free my surgeon said. It sucks to hear. I just have to except it and focus on the positive. My surgeon also told me to tell my sisters and cousins this way they can tell their doctors.

As far as treatment, right now I have to wait until my cancer marker is stabilized to do anything. I’m RAI resistant so I can’t have RAI. Radiation oncology is thinking of clinical trial.

My Nurse Pa said the burning, tingling, more lymphedema and the popping is all normal after surgery. Every time I turn my neck I feel like my neck is going to pop open.

I am having severe anxiety something I didn’t want to disclose. Hopefully this will end right away for those of you that deal w this on a daily basics, seriously your badass. Because I just cannot handle this. Nick has to rock me like a child to calm me down. This third recurrence isn’t easy. The Valium does work. The anxiety is from the swelling and the drain. I try not to think about it. I feel like I’m on law and order when someone is strangling me from behind. The swelling is 24/7. I can use ice packs all day long and the swelling still won’t go down. I keep myself busy with Netflix and tv shows. But, sometimes it’ll happen and I can’t breathe. I’m not looking forward to PT for 5 months but I have no choice.

Thank you all so much for wearing my bracelets, the pictures, donations, and all the messages. Your support means so much to me.