Tough recovery

Hey there, hope everyone is doing well. I’m barely breathing over here. The pain is horrific. I can tolerate pain but this is by far the toughest recovery.

On Valentine’s Day I had to go to the ER because the pain was horrific. The ER gave me Morphine through IV and I couldn’t believe how relaxed and tolerable the pain was. I can tolerate a 7-8 pain scale just not a 12-13 scale. I’m still suffering with the pain. We thought I had an infection, but I do not.
image1However, the last couple of days, I have had this bad cough which hurts like hell.

Sleeping upright is still a battle. I like to sleep with my comforter up to my chest, but when I put my comforter up to my chest or face it stings badly. My entire right side of my body is numb and will be for 6-12 months. I sure hope this stinging sensation goes away.  Getting comfortable is a battle. I wish I had a comfy recliner to sleep on.

I’m in so much pain that the pain meds I was given orally are not working. It sucks so badly. You would think I should be getting better daily but I feel worse.

Yesterday I went with Nick to the food store and used a wheelchair. It was nice to get out and see the sun beaming and the fresh air.

I’m just taking it day by day.  Nick is taking great care of me and doing it all. He still has to put clothes on for me. I tried to do it my self yesterday, but that failed.

Oh the glue, never again. I wish I had the dissolvable stitches. What I have to do is separate my neck which is still really swollen with the neck area because the glue has been so sticky the last few days. I do wash the site but I can’t that much. Just awful.

Here is my neck now. The hole will close on its own sometime soon that was from the drain. Apparently I’m allergic to the bandaids they gave me. That area stings so I’m going to head over to CVS later today.

Thank you for all the donations, love, and messages. Your support means so much to me.

For those of you that received my bracelets I love the pictures. I will be getting more images and will post shortly.