Fighting this pain

Hi Everyone, I cannot seem to tolerate the pain well. I have a massive migraine, tinnitus, and so many other issues going on at once. I am trying to figure out what is best to do. My mother called surgeon yesterday. He said I should only be getting better not worst. My surgeon said if the pain is so unbearable which it is, to go to the Er for IV pain meds.  But, I can’t be doing that everyday. So I’m going to power through this. Every 4 hours, I take the pain meds then the Tylenol. 24/7 nausea and lots of vomiting even with the Zofran and OT stuff.

I’m really at lost for words right now. But, I have been sleeping. The meds make me dizzy. I pretty much been In bed.

I’ll update later. I’m very nauseous right now.