I am trying to sleep.

It is tough to sleep. Trying hard to be patient with this drain but every time I go to swallow I feel like the drain is stabbing me. My surgeon said the drain is not near my throat but I swear every time I swallow I feel it. I’m really tired. I want to sleep on my stomach. I tried to sleep on my side that didn’t work out to well.

My mom just made scrambled eggs and toast. I had a few grapes but they’re hard to eat right now. I’m sticking to liquids although my surgeon said I can resume normal diet. But, it’s hard for me to swallow and hurts to talk.

My mother just spoke with the cancer center. I am going back to the cancer center Monday to have the drain taken out. If the blood is under .30 which it is right now. As long as it stays underneath .30 I can have it out on Monday. Right now the measurements is .25 so hopefully it stays this way.

I’m in a lot of pain my incision is pretty big. I can’t take pain meds until 3 hours because of my thyroid medication.

Thank you so much to I Had Cancer for sharing my image. I woke up to so much love, messages from all over the world.

Xoxo Danielle