I’m up from surgery

Hi There. I’m alive. I don’t remember much. I was put out immediately. The last thing I remember was going on the operating table.

My neck surgeon is awesome. Doctor T, told Nick and Mom that he took out the nodules then ended up finding more. There were clusters of nodules around 15-30 nodules more. Doctor T, had to make a bigger incision. Doctor T, cut into my first incision and then it went little bit back to my hair line. Surgeon also tested me for the BRAF 600-E it is a genetic test for Papillary Thyroid Cancer patients.  I should know in a week or two if I need treatment I need.

I’m in a lot of pain but that is normal. The drain freaks me out. But, it comes out in a week. Nick and Mom have to drain it 3x a day.

I’m so glad surgical oncology area let’s me sleep.

I was on all liquids yesterday and today I started eating soft foods eggs and a pancake. Ice cream feels amazing right now and apple juice.

I can’t wait to shower today. I feel gross. Surgeon is writing up paper work so I will be going home soon.

I can’t wait to sleep without being woken up for blood work, drain cleanings and bp etc.

Thanks for all love which was very overwhelming for me. I appreciate all the love. Thanks for all the text and messages too

❤️ you all xoxo Danielle