Pre-op is exhausting

Hey Everyone, thanks for all the messages. Today was exhausting to say the least. I just woke up from a small nap to take pain meds.

I left our apartment at 11am and didn’t get home until 5:45pm. What a long day.

I saw my surgeons nurse who will be with me during surgery on Monday. I have to be at the hospital by 9am. Surgery is scheduled for 11:20am. Surgeon will most likely cutting my first scar again but then Doctor T has to cut towards my right ear and voice box.

The surgery should be about 1 hour and 40 minutes depends on what else he finds. Right now there is more than 7 nodules that have to be taken out that are all cancerous. There also could be lymph nodes in the neck area as well. Doctor T’s nurse said surgery time also depends on my scar. It does take me sometime for me to wake up from anesthesia. Nick and my Mother cannot see me for 2-3 hours anyway.

I will have a drain which I am freaking out about. Therefore, I will be looking like frankenstein for the rest of my life. I will be admitted overnight and I will have my own private room. I was told because I have a little suite, only one person can stay at the hospital with me. Either, Nick or Mom will stay with me.

Due to having no immune system right now, I can’t go out anywhere until Monday. Not only is the flu going around badly this year their is and another nasty bug going around too.

If Nick or my Mother ends up with any cough or any type of fever they have to stay away from me and stay home. I have to take proper precautions because I can end of very sick with Sepsis before and after.

Proper hand washing and staying away from people and germs is my concern right now. I will just stay in my little bubble for a few days.

Today, I had blood work done, EKG, and X rays to get me ready for pre op. I saw an anesthesiologist today too.

Everything is good to go. The hospital will give me something small to calm me down prior to putting me out.

I am pretty much all set. I just have to pack a small bag.

I sure hope the hives DO NOT appear the day of surgery. If they do I cannot have surgery.

I have to go back to bed. I cant keep my eyes open. I will respond to any questions tomorrow. I need my rest.

Thanks for all the