Medical Update

THE GOOD: Yesterday, I saw radiation oncology. Bone scan is CLEAR. YAY. Talk about relief. However, their is still uptake (not inflammation) so now we just wait. My Oncology team will just monitor me closely. Pain meds are working thank god. The only issue is I cannot take xanex for the neuropathy if I’m on Tramadol because taking both is very dangerous. Worst, if you spread them out too.

The cancer in my femur is just uptake no LESION after all.

THE BAD: Now that Dermatologist ruled out the Urticaria is NOT an allergic reaction more of a cancer thing based on my reports. We just have to wait until the biopsies are back. He called me yesterday because I called on the way to the cancer center because my welts were bleeding.  I have to continue the medications even if they dont “work”. I cant be on steroids forever either. My poor esophagus and stomach are bout to explode. He did mention being that I already used on EPI PEN how dangerous this is. One of my labs came back extremely high. I dont even remember what the name of the test he told me about, but he said its just way too high. The hives are internal. I have to definitely see a Allergist January.  Jan 2nd, 2018 I find out the results and get my stitches out. I am still running high fevers but the Benadryl is helping with this.  I just have to closely monitor everything.

Now that we ruled out the femur issue, we can focus on my neck. I currently have 7 nodules in my neck that used to be a quarter size that are now the size of those cherry tomatoes. Quite big and bigger than when I was first diagnosed back in 2012. Some spread but my neck surgeon wants to do surgery ASAP because my cancer marker is just ridiculously high and we dont want the nodules to spread further. Right now they are contained in the “neck area. The stress and the never ending copays, medical bills is taken a huge toll on Nick and I.

I have a break for a few days and I am looking forward to resting. I wanted to thank you all for following. Your support means so much to me.

Happy Holiday’s and Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you all get what you wish for.

xoxo Danielle