Dermatology appointment for Biopsies.

Today, I saw the Dermatologist. Some of the hives were present. Dermatologist biopsied two of the hives. Little did I know it is quite different from a neck biopsy. I didn’t know he was cutting my skin until after the fact.

Right now it seems to be Chronic Urticaria. Hives can come from cancer and other diseases such as anemia, high WBC, platelets etc. which I have everything and more issues. No answers why this is happening now. I have been dealing with this since the end of October and now I have to suffer a little bit longer. I’m not liking this one bit.

Biopsy results should be back in 2 weeks. I was also prescribed an Epi Pen for Emergency breakouts because my neck swelled up and we had to race to the ER twice because i couldn’t breathe and my lip was so swollen. If my neck swells up again and Nick isn’t home then I can inject myself before I go to the ER. It has been so scary dealing with this on top of everything else. Stitches will be taken out in two weeks when I go back for my results.

I was also referred to an Allergist.

Tomorrow, I find out the results of the bone scan and CT of my pelvis bright and early.

Thanks for the ❤️