Welts everywhere!

I normally wouldn’t post this but I want to share.  October 2017, I have had this massive allergic reaction. Countless ER trips because I couldn’t breathe. Nick and I had NO IDEA what this “rash” was. The hives happened out of nowhere. Never in my life did I ever have something like this.

I finally went to a Dermatologist a week ago in between the cancer center appointments and the Doctor said from the pictures its Urticaria. Pretty much hives. The weirdest thing is, I get light headed which he finds odd and I also have a very high fever. 

This could be cancer related but were not sure yet. When I went to the Dermatologist, nothing was on my skin because the Hospital had to inject me with such a massive dose of Presidzone and other medication that has been destroying my poor esophagus. I am on rounds of meds, but I haven’t been taking them today purposely so the Dermatologist can biopsy tomorrow.

The hives are so damn itchy. It is very scary to sleep because my neck swells up bad to the point where I cannot breathe.



To this date I have changed all my detergents about a month ago to organic and changed food patterns and still no luck. Nothing is making this go away except for all these steroids. I am on about 6 different medications to clear this crap. It has been a nightmare. High fevers are still present too.

Also, when the hives come onto my body my entire body gets so HOT. My thighs swell up in massive welts. You really have to see this to believe it. It is disgusting. I have tried countless baths and soothing techniques with no luck. These images are nothing. Once it started to attack my face about two weeks ago, I had to make another trip to the ER.

My Dermatologist does not think this is stress related at all. He did make a point that I’m severely anemic and this can happen with anemia.

We shall see what happens with the biopsy results.

This is my day to day life right now.

xoxo- Danielle