Appointment with my Neck Surgeon

On March 18th, Mom and I went to New York City to talk with my neck surgeon who took out my entire thyroid that was cancerous, as well as many lymph nodes, back in 2012. We were supposed to discuss surgery options.

Before my scheduled Doctor’s appointment, I met up with my friend Jessica for lunch. This was my first time meeting Jessica. She has contacted me through social media about writing an article for her job. I was so happy to do so. Jessica is such a sweet person and I am glad I can call her a friend. Jessica’s boss treated the three of us to lunch. We ended up going to some fancy expensive restaurant named Rôtisserie Georgette. I have never been to a really expensive restaurant. I felt like a celebrity the entire time. I couldn’t get over that their scrambled eggs were $29.00. Below is proof. I have to say, this restaurant was pretty AMAZING. If you ever have extra cash, you definitely need to try this restaurant. It’s pretty expensive though. The potato my Mother & Jessica ordered was to die for. My dish was so amazing. I couldn’t finish it. I was full for the entire day LOL. We had such a great time. It was a pleasure to get to know Jessica. We had many laughs.


My very expensive Lunch/Dinner. AMAZING!


The most amazing potato we have ever had. The best $18.00 potato ever!! haha.


Scrambled eggs for $29.00!! We didn’t order this but I just had to take a picture.

Eventually, the amazing lunch was over. The three us had a good time. Of course I couldn’t leave without taking a picture with Jessica. Sorry the picture is blurry.


Jessica and I.

My day was going by fine until my surgeon walked in the room.

My day was great until my surgeon walked in the room.

When we arrived at Sloan Kettering, I had to wait over 45 minutes to see my surgeon. Finally, Dr. S comes in the room and says,” The lymph nodes that you have in your neck is not my expertise. I cannot read the films. I only go by written reports from the radiology office. Therefore, I cannot help you.”

Mom and I look at each other baffled especially considering he took out my entire thyroid back in 2012. I explained to Dr S. that he is the only surgeon that I trust because he took good care of me. Plus, my scar is pretty nice. We are baffled by the fact that he brushed me off the way he did. Not only am I hurt but I am just so disappointed in Sloan Kettering lately. Everyone says this cancer center is the “THE BEST PLACE TO GO” but from what I heard from other people that have Thyroid Cancer who have went there, I have heard nothing but problems and negativity. Now, I can see why.

So, I called my Endocrinologist while I was still at Sloan Kettering because I was just so baffled. Baffled to the point where I almost cried. I explained to him what Dr. S said to me. My Endocrinologist was so shocked by what I told him. He ever started to get mad himself. “What do you mean this is not his expertise? He took out your thyroid, this is his job”. I explained how he just brushed me off. Part of me feels like my surgeon Dr. S didn’t want to be bothered. It took over an hour to get to NYC, just to sit in a medical room for a lousy 10 minutes. What a waste of time! Never again.

Heres the new plan: Since I am never back to Sloan Kettering, my Endocrinologist said after he hangs up the phone with me he is calling two of his friends who happen to specialize in metastatic thyroid cancer. He demanded that I had a surgeon who is not going to just brush me off. Dr. M also suggested that I have the FNA (Fine Needle Biopsy) done as soon as possible.

I am going to be having the FNA biopsy done on Friday, March 27th. I am petrified the second time around.

Thankfully, I am in good hands with my Endocrinologist. I trust him and we will take it from there. If I need surgery, I will meet with one of his friends he called and have surgery done at a different hospital.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.

You all ROCK! 🙂

©2015 Danielle Nicosia